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Pest Control In Shelley, ID

As a small community in Bingham County, Idaho, Shelley can feel a bit overlooked when it comes to services like pest control. But even small towns have to deal with seasonal and year-round pest populations, which is why Epoch Pest Solutions is dedicated to serving homes and businesses in this community. 

At Epoch Pest Solutions, we offer pest control in Shelley, ID and the surrounding areas to ensure that you never have to suffer the larger consequences that result from pest populations. Learn why you should get started with pest control today and not just once the problem is noticeable.

Residential Pest Control In Shelley

To avoid pest problems, you really have to prevent them from sneaking up on you in the first place. Often, homeowners only take action once they’ve spotted a critter crawling around their yard or inside their home. However, by the time you’re seeing pests, they may have already exposed you to property damage and health impacts. 

That’s why you should turn to Epoch Pest Solutions for home pest control services. We help Shelley homeowners prevent pests and quickly remove them with our thorough process:

  • Inspection: We always start with a comprehensive inspection of your property, inside and out, so we can determine the scope of the problem and what factors might be exposing you to greater pest risks.
  • Treatment: After that, we get to work on the treatments that remove any existing pest populations and shield your home from future infestations. During our treatments, we don’t just focus on where the pests are. Instead, we focus on protecting your entire property.
  • Follow Up: We always check back with customers after our initial visit to make sure the problem has been addressed to your satisfaction.

Protect your Shelley home from problematic pests by contacting us at Epoch Pest Solutions today.

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Commercial Pest Control In Shelley

We also help local businesses get rid of and, better yet, entirely avoid pest invasions. Commercial pest control is a wise investment for local restaurants, bars, retail spaces, and many other kinds of businesses. Trust us when we say that it’s much cheaper to hire experts than it is to suffer the larger problems and costs that pests can cause down the road. 

Our comprehensive inspections and treatments make sure you’re always safe from these larger issues that infestations are known to cause:

  • Damage: Pests can chew, scratch, and dig through the structural materials or utility systems that you rely on every day. They can also result in product loss through contamination.
  • Disease: Speaking of contamination, many pests carry diseases that can be transmitted to people. This puts employees and customers alike at risk.
  • Penalties: Because of these dangers, local health boards and agencies hold businesses to high standards when it comes to pest control, so you should take it seriously to avoid fines or closures.

Don’t let your business suffer from a pest infestation. Contact Epoch Pest Solutions today.

How Silverfish Find Their Way Into Your Shelley Home

Silverfish are common invaders of Shelley homes and businesses. Not only are they attracted by the food and moisture they can find inside, but they also tend to be active during times of the year when we aren’t thinking much about our risk of an infestation. 

The silverfish in your house typically start out as an outdoor population, crawling around in the soil and grass where you don’t pay them any mind or really even notice that they’re there. But then, those silverfish will take advantage of tiny access points like cracks or holes in your exterior walls and foundation to get inside your home. Once inside, they can chew through your household items and contaminate food sources. 

That’s why you need to turn to the pest control experts for tips on preventing and getting rid of silverfish. At Epoch Pest Solutions, we offer inspections and treatments for homeowners that can help you get ahead of a silverfish infestation before it can lead to these larger problems. So, don’t wait to get started on silverfish control and prevention—contact us today!

What’s The Best Way To Keep Ticks Away From My Shelley Yard?

It’s pretty standard for people to only worry about ticks when they are outdoors hiking, camping, or recreating in other ways. But unfortunately, ticks can also be a problem in your own yard and the areas immediately surrounding your property. 

Ticks are parasites, meaning they bite large animal hosts to feed on the nutrients found in their blood. Since humans are technically part of the animal kingdom, too, ticks will absolutely be attracted to our properties for the easily accessible food sources they provide. This is why ticks will lie in wait in our yards and then latch onto our skin or clothing as we pass by so they can bite us and feed on our blood. Tick infestations can lead to tick bites and even diseases, so you should take this possibility seriously. 

Luckily, Epoch Pest Solutions has all the tick prevention services you could need, including treatment plans that prevent them from moving into your yard in the first place. We can also provide you with tips on how to reduce your risk of other kinds of yard pests. Get proper tick protection today by contacting Epoch Pest Solutions.

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