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Pest Control In Shawnee, Oklahoma

Shawnee is a place that reminds us of a long, deep history everywhere we go. We continue to grow and develop the area with our past in mind, creating an excellent place for many people to live and work.

Although Shawnee is a great city, it is not exempt from pest problems that people deal with all over the country. However, there is an advantage over others: access to dependable, expert pest control.

Epoch Pest Solutions is here to provide you with all your Pottawatomie County pest control needs for your home or business. We have already helped thousands, so let us help you too!

Residential Pest Control In Shawnee

With the many different pests in our area, residential properties are at risk for the contamination, parasites, and diseases pests spread, not to mention the damage they can cause. A reliable pest control company can do wonders for the health and safety of your home and family.

Epoch Pest Solutions has been providing Oklahoma homes with protection against pests since 2019, and we continue to do so with quality and transparent services. People living in Shawnee can expect the following when they choose us for their residential pest control needs:

  • A prevention-first approach
  • A multistep process to create a barrier around your home
  • Two-step harborage area elimination that removes webs and nests from eaves and treats cracks and crevices with an eco-friendly dust
  • Three steps to eliminate current pests and prevent new ones, including a water-resistant perimeter spray, water-activated granules for the yard, and safe solutions for interior hotspots

Our residential pest control services will fit your needs, so call us at Epoch Pest Solutions to have one of our knowledgeable technicians perform an inspection.

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Commercial Pest Control In Shawnee

People that own or run commercial properties often go to any lengths to protect their business. But you shouldn't have to go to any length for safe and reliable pest control. Epoch Pest Solutions believes all businesses in the Shawnee area deserve pest control tailored to meet specific needs. Here's why our commercial pest control services are right for you:

  • We offer year-round protection or one-time services, depending on your needs.
  • We take the time to talk with our customers and hear what they have been experiencing.
  • We inspect the interior and exterior for signs of pests and use our findings to tailor a program for you.
  • We utilize Integrated Pest Management (IPM) for immediate results.

We know every business is different, so you don't have to worry about a one-size-fits-all approach. Contact us at Epoch Pest Solutions to find out more about how we can help keep your commercial property pest-free.

How To Keep Ticks Away From Your Shawnee Property

While ticks rarely, if ever, become a problem inside a home, they can live in excess outside where people or animals can pick them up. Because of this, it is essential to know these prevention tips:

Keep Out Wildlife And Rodents:

  • Wildlife and rodents like raccoons and mice can carry ticks and spread them on your property, so you should repair any damaged or missing fencing and seal any entryways into your home, crawlspace, and outbuildings.

  • Using motion sensor lights can help as well.

Deter Wildlife And Rodents:

  • Make your property less attractive to these animals by removing food sources such as fallen fruit, bird feeders, and garbage bins that are easy to knock over.

  • Eliminate water sources by dumping out rainwater, removing pet bowls at night, and fixing any leaks

Remove Conducive Conditions For Ticks:

  • Keep your yard maintained by cutting the grass and trimming foliage to make your property less hospitable for ticks.

  • Clear debris like leaf piles, branches, and logs.

If you need assistance with your tick problem, call Epoch Pest Solutions.

Everything Shawnee Homeowners Should Know About House Mice

House mice are the most common-home invading rodent in the United States. But still, many people don't know much about them, so here is what you should know:


  • About 5 1/2 to 7 inches long, including the tail
  • Covered in short hair that is gray, brown, or black with a lighter color or underbelly
  • Tiny black eyes, round ears, and a pointed muzzle


  • Spread diseases including tularemia, salmonellosis, hantavirus, and leptospirosis
  • Spread parasites like mites, fleas, and ticks
  • Cause contamination
  • Affect allergies and asthma
  • Cause damage to wires and pipes that can lead to fires or floods


  • Remove entryways by sealing any holes or cracks in the exterior of your home; no cracks are too small; house mice can squeeze through a hole the size of a dime.
  • Eliminate food sources by storing food in air-tight containers, cleaning up crumbs, and using garbage cans with tight-fitting lids.
  • Keep your home clutter-free and organized to eliminate hiding places and make it easier to clean.

The best methods for rodent prevention and control are by experts, so call us at Epoch Pest Solutions for assistance.

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