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Rodent Control In Idaho Falls, ID

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Idaho Falls, ID Rodent Control

Nothing is better than relaxing in your home for an evening and enjoying the quiet that nighttime brings. Unfortunately, the scratching and chewing sounds of rodents in your home can ruin this peace and introduce serious issues, such as damage and diseases. Total rodent elimination is essential for your property if you want to regain your quiet evenings and protect those in your home from illnesses.

When it comes to rodent control, our technicians at Epoch Pest Solutions are highly trained and standing by to help eliminate your pest problems. We can make it to your home within 24 hours and immediately get to work so that your property is protected and unwanted pests.

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Our Rodent Control Process

Rodent control isn’t something our technicians at Epoch Pest Solutions take lightly. We provide you with in-depth inspections and developing treatment plans that address any rodent problem on your property. We are skilled in removing and controlling all types of rodents, including mice, rats, moles, voles, gophers, and squirrels.

At the start of your rodent control plan, our technicians will meet with you on your property and speak with you to understand your thoughts and concerns. We will also discuss the exact type of rodent that you suspect is living on or invading your property. From there, our technicians will start to inspect your home.

We use flashlights during our rodent inspections where needed. Our technicians will use their expertise to identify rodent droppings, gnaw marks, entry points, and other signs of damage or infestation. We will first inspect the areas where you notice the most damage, then move on to wider areas looking for access points or nests around the property.

Once our technicians have determined whether or not a pest problem is present, they will work to verify the type of rodent and the scale of the infestation. Using this information, we will consult with you to create effective treatment plans perfectly tailored to your property and your rodent elimination needs. The most common treatments for rodents are snap traps or gel bait on sticky traps. Problems with larger rodents such as squirrels or opossums require live traps, and outdoor rodent issues with moles, voles, or gophers will require the elimination of burrows and food sources.

Additionally, we at Epoch Pest Solutions understand how stressful a rodent problem can be – this is why we offer free inspections to determine which type of treatment to use for your property and provide a pest-free guarantee. Plus, we offer same-day and emergency pest control services when possible so you can get rid of rodent problems as soon as you notice them.

Request a service today and let our technicians fully remove rodents from your property.

Safe, Rodent-Free Living

Enjoying your Idaho Falls home or business can be hard when you have pesky rodents running all around your property and potentially introducing major health issues. In these cases, it is essential to invest in rodent control assistance provided by our expert technicians at Epoch Pest Solutions. We’ll work with you to ensure we remove every rodent from your home, commercial building, or outdoor area, allowing you to live safely and rodent-free. Contact us today to learn more about our home pest control and commercial pest control options.

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