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Reliable Pest Control Solutions In Oklahoma City, OK

With one of the fastest-growing entertainment districts in the Southwest and plenty of museums, theme parks, and peaceful outdoor spaces, Oklahoma City is a pretty great place to live. The western allure of the city mixes with the safe urban communities found throughout the local to create a perfect combination of scenery and fun things to do.

Many of the businesses operating in Oklahoma City are fast-growing and successful because of their dedication to quality and transparency – something that we at Epoch Pest Solutions also strive to offer. With our commitment to high-quality pest control services and our technicians’ expert care of customers, we offer comprehensive residential and commercial pest treatment plans that are sure to meet your every pest control need.

Request a service today and benefit from Oklahoma City pest control that provides a free inspection in addition to the expert knowledge of our technicians as they work to identify and fully address your pest concerns.

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Home Pest Control In Oklahoma City

When pest control issues appear around your home, you are sure to be worried about the damage they can cause and the health risks they may present to you and your loved ones. Fortunately, our technicians are skilled in removing and controlling common household pests such as rodents, ants, cockroaches, spiders, bed bugs, and termites.

Our residential pest control plans start with targeting harborage areas and pest hotspots around your home. Removing access to your home and using treatment solutions around these active areas makes for effective, quick pest removal and total control of any pest issue you are experiencing. You can benefit from great peace of mind knowing that our technicians won’t just control your pest issues – they’ll solve them for good and ensure your home remains protected from unwanted pest invaders year-round.

Commercial Pest Control In Oklahoma City

Commercial pest control for Oklahoma City businesses is vital if you want to protect the reputation of your business and ensure that both your employees and customers remain safe from pests. The commercial pest control plans we offer at Epoch Pest Solutions include a thorough inspection of both interior and exterior areas. Our technicians will check for signs of current or past pest invasions while also discussing any particular concerns, questions, or pest sightings with you.

Once our technicians have completed their inspections and collected enough information about your property, they will develop tailored treatment solutions. Every treatment option is different based on the industry of your business, and we use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies to ensure we deal with your pest problems the right way.

Request a service today and protect your restaurant, office, school, hotel, retail property, or warehouse from all types of pests.

How To Stop Mice From Getting Into Your Oklahoma City Home

Though some individuals may find pet mice adorable, having unwanted pest mice invading your Oklahoma City home can be a serious issue. Not only is this pest unhygienic, but it can cause major damage to the areas inside your home. Our prevention tips below can help you reduce the presence of mice on your property.

  • Seal up entry points such as cracks around your windows, doors, and foundation

  • Clear debris in your yard and keep the grass trimmed low to reduce hiding spots

  • Fix up leaks and moisture issues to prevent excess moisture that attracts mice

  • Use airtight containers in food storage areas to stop mouse scavenging

  • Properly dispose of all trash and food waste in sealed bags to avoid attracting mice

And remember, if you are dealing with an active mouse infestation, our technicians at Epoch Pest Solutions are the best solution. Armed with years of experience and a passion for quality, we can help eliminate your mouse problem and keep you and your loved ones safe from the health risks and damages these pests bring.

Request a service today to receive a free mouse inspection for your home.

Are The Cockroaches In Oklahoma City Dangerous?

Cockroaches are some of the most well-recognized pests in Oklahoma City, but they are also the most unhygienic insects to have running around your property. All kinds of cockroaches in the Oklahoma City area can transfer bacteria and pathogens to the surfaces of your home or business and contaminate food preparation and storage areas. This activity can result in you, your loved ones, or your staff and customers contracting serious illnesses such as cholera, dysentery, gastroenteritis, and salmonellosis.

Our technicians at Epoch Pest Control will identify major areas of cockroach activity and carefully put in place treatment solutions to eliminate these dangerous pests and keep them out.

Request a service today to get started with cockroach control.

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