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Expert Pest Control In Mustang, OK

The growing city of Mustang is regarded as a community-driven place to live, with its ample parks, good public schools, and friendly attitude. With sprawling neighborhoods and close proximity to Oklahoma City, Mustang has developed into a desirable area for many families. There are, however, many opportunities for pests to become an issue throughout the year. Luckily, there’s help.

For more than two decades, Epoch Pest Solutions has been providing expert Canadian County pest control to both homeowners and businesses. Our company was founded on the principles of honesty, fairness, excellence, and integrity, which is what we promise to bring to every customer we service. When we treat your property, we will make sure that you’re a key part of every step of our process. This means no hidden fees and no surprises. We always offer complimentary estimates and inspections, same-day services, and a guarantee on every treatment you receive. For more information on keeping your property pest-free, please call us today.

Residential Pest Control In Mustang

Your Mustang home is the place that you love the most; however, when pests infiltrate your property, home might not feel so safe. At Epoch Pest Solutions, we understand the need for safe and reliable residential pest control, which is why we’ve been honing our services over the last two decades. Our company was founded on the principles of honesty, integrity, and excellent service, all of which we bring to our customers today. When you work with us, you can rest assured that your pest problems will be solved as safely as possible and that there will never be any hidden fees or services. 

We always start with a free, no-obligation inspection and estimate so that everyone has a good grasp on the issues at hand. From there, we treat areas like eaves, harborage, perimeters, and foundations to draw out any active pests and provide a barrier against future issues. We will create a recurring schedule for you but rest assured that all of our services come with a pest-free guarantee. For more information on keeping your property safe, call us today.

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Commercial Pest Control In Mustang

At Epoch Pest Solutions, it’s our mission to ensure that all of the businesses in Mustang receive the high-quality commercial pest control that they need in order to keep their doors open. Our programs are all tailored to your exact needs, regardless of your industry. When you partner with us, you’ll also benefit from same-day servicing, safe practices, reliable customer support, and a pest-free guarantee. 

All of our work is based on the Integrated Pest Management approach, which means that we look to eliminate current pest activity while also preventing future issues. This means that you can take a deep breath knowing that your business will always be protected from pests, no matter the type or the time of year. For more information on our commercial offerings, call us today. 

Carpenter Ant Control For Mustang Homeowners

Carpenter ants are one of the most destructive pests for Mustang homeowners, with their activity being on par with termites. But rather than eat wood, they simply burrow through it. Here are a few key tips that homeowners should follow in order to mitigate these issues:

  • Avoid letting wood or mulch come into contact with the foundation of a home. 

  • Don’t overwater plants and other greenery. 

  • Remove all leaf piles, hedge trimmings, and other brush from the yard. 

  • Look for leaks on a regular basis and address any that appear. 

  • Contact a local pest control specialist. 

At Epoch Pest Solutions, we take a comprehensive approach to residential pest control and include a collection of services to treat carpenter ants effectively. Whether that means spraying the perimeter of a property, treating cracks and crevices, or laying granular bait, we guarantee that our services will work while also being safe for people and the planet. For more information on carpenter ant control, please call us today. 

Five Sure Signs Your Mustang Home Has Bed Bugs

Bed bugs sneak inside your Mustang home in a multitude of ways that you might be unaware of, and to make matters worse, their outbreaks may be very difficult to detect. Here are five sure signs that your home has bed bugs:

  1. The presence of eggs, eggshells, or nymphs
  2. Live or dead adult bed bugs
  3. Rust-colored staining on your sheets, pillows, and bed linens
  4. A strong, unpleasant odor
  5. The appearance of tiny red bites often in a line or grouping that you don’t remember getting

Part of why bed bug infestations are so hard to notice is because these pests tend to live in the depths of mattresses, closets, and furniture, and come out primarily at night because it’s an ideal time to feed. At Epoch Pest Solutions, we provide thorough bed bug control that completely eradicates these issues. We provide detailed inspections, a checklist of prep work, and a combination of dusting, fumigation, and aerosol treatments. For more information on these services, please contact us today.

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