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Reliable Pest Control Solutions In Lincoln, ID

Lincoln, ID, is widely known as the gateway to Yellowstone National Park and the Great Tetons to the east. With a population of just under 4,000, our small-town feel is warm and welcoming. Named after the sixteenth president of the U.S, Abraham Lincoln, our town has a real sense of honor to uphold. That means keeping the community safe and successful. In order to do that, our properties need to be free of pest activity.

Unfortunately, Lincoln homes and businesses are at risk for pest infestations all year long. The most effective source for pest protection is ongoing services from pest control professionals. Epoch Pest Solutions is proud to provide quality pest protection to residential and commercial properties throughout Lincoln and the surrounding areas. Call us today for dependable Bonneville County pest control.

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Residential Pest Control In Lincoln

You can count on our home pest control to guard your Lincoln home against household pest infestations. We cover local properties from all kinds of local invaders, such as ants, bed bugs, bees, occasional invaders, cockroaches, ticks, fleas, rodents, mosquitoes, and spiders. Our five-step residential pest control process includes:

  1. Eave Solution - An Epoch Pest Solutions service technician inspects all eaves to remove any webs and insect nests.
  2. Crack and Crevice Solution - Pests love to hide in hard-to-reach places like cracks and crevices. Our team applies an environmentally-friendly dust product into these hard-to-reach areas to treat unwanted pests.
  3. Home Perimeter Spray Solution - We then apply a water-resistant solution to the full perimeter of your home. This barrier protects your home from any pests trying to get inside.
  4. Yard Treatment Solution - Our water-activated granules attack pests at the most common source, your yard. This treatment also creates a barrier around your yard, preventing pests from neighboring properties from entering your yard.
  5. Interior Solution - Our home-safe interior solution targets specific hotspots within your home, protecting the people and pets that you value most!

We’ve serviced almost 2,500 residences in the area, and we’re proud of our work. Call today to request your free estimate and inspection, and we will deliver pest-free living to your Lincoln home, guaranteed. 

Commercial Pest Control In Lincoln

The team at Epoch Pest Solutions is proud to protect Lincoln business owners from commercial infestations. We’ve serviced over a dozen businesses, including restaurants, hotels, retail shops, warehouses, offices, and schools. Our commercial pest control process entails the following:

  • Customized inspection tailored to meet your business’s needs
  • interior and exterior inspection to detect signs of current or past pest infestations
  • Thorough consultation where we listen to the customer to understand pest issues
  • Service plans individually designed for each facility that meets the needs of their industry
  • IPM (Integrated Pest Management) strategies to treat each pest in the right way

After we’ve treated your facility, we schedule follow-up services to make sure your business stays protected all year long. Our follow-up visits are also customized based on the needs of the business. Contact us today to learn more.

How To Avoid Bee Stings In Lincoln

Getting stung by a bee is obviously something we all want to avoid. If you want to protect yourself from bees, it’s important the take precautionary measures to prevent their presence. Here are some stinging insect control tips to help you avoid bees stings in Lincoln:

  • Cover up holes in the ground with cement or grass

  • Eliminate access to food and never leave food (human or pet) outside.

  • Keep garbage in tightly sealed cans and cover any compost piles.

  • Keep trees and shrubs trimmed and well-maintained.

  • Maintain your garden and do not over plant flowering plants.

  • Promptly dispose of trash and clean spills right when they happen.

  • Use caulk to seal cracks and crevices around the porch.

These tips can all be helpful, but the best and most effective way to avoid bees is to secure professional pest control services. Epoch Pest Solutions is your local source for quality stinging insect control, so contact us today to discuss your bee control and prevention needs.

Do Ticks In Lincoln Carry Lyme Disease?

Ticks are tiny parasitic pests that feed on the blood of mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians. As vector pests, they can transmit a variety of diseases through their bites. Tick travel from animal to animal and often pick up infections, bacteria, and pathogens. When an infected tick bites you, it can transmit these diseases into your body. The resulting health conditions can be serious, causing maladies like Lyme disease, malaria, bubonic plague, and encephalitis, just to name a few. To effectively protect yourself and those you love from these adverse effects, it’s important to minimize your exposure to ticks. Here at Epoch Pest Solutions, we offer comprehensive tick control and prevention services that protect you from infestations all year. Call today to get started.

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