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Reliable Pest Control In Jones, OK

Located in the heart of the frontier country, the inhabitants of Jones, OK have a lot to appreciate. Their convenient location outside of Oklahoma City provides the peace of the country with the amenities of the city, including plenty of things to see and do all year long. Homeowners love the atmosphere of small-town living, while small businesses have the space and innovation to grow and thrive.

Unfortunately, people aren't the only ones growing and thriving in this town. Jones is also a hot spot for pest infestations, including creatures like rodents, roaches, mosquitoes, and more. If left to their own devices, these unwelcome invaders can quickly take up residence in homes, businesses, and lawns across the city.

Epoch Pest Solutions is more than prepared to step in. Providing practical Oklahoma City pest control since 2019, we've helped hundreds of home and business owners stomp out their local infestations. Our team proudly creates customized plans for every lifestyle, environment, or infestation type. If it flies, slithers, hops, or crawls, our professionals can do it all!

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Residential Pest Control In Jones

Epoch Pest Solutions is Jones' first choice for residential pest control services in Oklahoma City. With eco-friendly plans available and an IPM approach to prevention, we remain one of the most innovative home pest control providers in the region.

It's not hard to see why:

  • Our eave solution treats your eaves for insects, nests, and unwanted activity.
  • We treat all unwanted entry points (like cracks and crevices) against common local pests.
  • We complete a full spray treatment around the perimeter of your home.
  • We apply water activated granule treatments to your lawn and garden.
  • We offer interior solutions for the hot spots in your home.

Learn more about Epoch Pest Solution's approach to reliable home services. Call today to chat with a technician.

Commercial Pest Control In Jones

Epoch Pest Solutions offers dependable commercial pest control services to a variety of businesses in Jones and the Oklahoma City metro. From restaurants and office buildings to hotels, schools, and more, we work quickly to solve your infestation and keep your business pest-free for good.

Unlike many other pest control companies in the metro, Epoch Pest Solutions is truly dedicated to eco-friendly services. We apply treatments that work alongside your industry guidelines to protect customers without uncertain side effects. Integrated pest management methodology is our first line of defense, followed by organic, natural, and other EPA-certified products.

Could Epoch Pest Solutions have the pest management services you need? Just give us a call to see if our commercial program is right for your business.

Ant Prevention Tips For Jones Residents

There's nothing more frustrating in Jones than a colony of hungry ants. When these invading insects are lined up in your bathroom, kitchen, or living space, this frustration can quickly become futility.

If you're interested in learning how to prevent ants and other pests from entering your home or business, start with these tips:

  • Seal up any cracks or crevices around the building.

  • Eliminate sources of food and water.

  • Remove potential nesting sites from the premises.

  • Store food in airtight containers.

  • Keep a clean kitchen and dining area.

If ant colonies have already arrived around your property, prevention will no longer be enough to keep them from getting inside. Thankfully, the professionals at Epoch Pest Solutions can get rid of ants in just a single visit. Call today to schedule your appointment.

How To Tell If Your Jones Home Has Bed Bugs

Contrary to popular belief, bed bugs can and do leave behind visible signs of their presence. Even in a small town like Jones, there are several ways to identify a potential infestation.

Your Jones home may have a bed bug problem if you notice a sweet or musky odor in bedrooms, living spaces, or other parts of the house. You may also see red blotches or brown spots on clothing items, pillows, bed sheets, and overnight attire. These are signs of regular feeding, which usually result in itchy bites on your arms, legs, or back.

If you begin to see live bed bugs crawling around your home, your infestation may have reached critical mass. It will be important to contact a professional to chat about your bed bug treatment options.

Of course, not all bed bug infestations are easy to spot. Untrained searchers may not find any signs of these invaders at all, which is why professional help is always recommended. If you're concerned about a possible infestation brewing in your home, the best first step is to get in touch with the pros at Epoch Pest Solutions.

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