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Flea & Tick Control In Oklahoma City, OK

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Oklahoma City, OK Flea & Tick Control

Fleas and ticks are parasitic pests that can seriously affect families in Oklahoma City, OK. These blood-feeding vector pests hide in yard debris, dirt, grass, weeds, and bushes, waiting for wildlife hosts to pass by so they can latch onto them. You'll often find them in tall grass, wooded paths, and densely vegetated areas like leaf piles and shrubbery.

While flea and tick bites in and of themselves are relatively painless, there's a serious danger of contracting a vector-borne illness. When an infected flea or tick bites you, you are exposed to a long list of serious diseases such as anaplasmosis, B.miyamotoi disease, babesiosis, bourbon virus, chikungunya, Colorado tick fever, dengue, ehrlichiosis, encephalitis, heartland virus, Lyme disease, malaria, and Powassan virus. The best protection is to secure professional pest protection.

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Flea & Tick Treatments For Local Property Owners

Here at Epoch Pest Solutions, we bring complete flea and tick control solutions to local home and business owners. We aim to make the entire process as seamless and effective as possible from start to finish. Our flea and tick control process includes the following steps:

1) Prep Work - Before we arrive at your property, you need to address a number of things. Measures you need to take before treatment include:

  • Mow the entire yard and remove any toys or debris.
  • Remove all items from the floors, and under beds, throughout the entire home.
  • Remove all pets and have them treated for fleas by their veterinarian.
  • Vacuum daily before and for the following two weeks after treatment and always dispose of vacuum bags in an outside trash bin.
  • Be sure to turn off A/C and fans within the home until products have dried.
  • Do not allow pets back into the treated area until products are completely dry.
  • Residents must be absent from home for at least 3 hours before returning after the service.

2) Treatment Procedure - After the flea and tick service prep work is complete, we begin treating your property.

  • We treat the entire yard thoroughly using Talstar P and Nyguard IGR in a backpack sprayer.
  • We treat inside any accessible crawl space and around any secondary structures on the property.
  • We focus heavily on areas of the yard that pets frequent where flea activity will be the highest.
  • We treat any tall grass and the first three feet of all trees on the property.
  • Using B&G and similar products, we spray the interior perimeter of the home and all entry/exit points.
  • We require our technicians to put on PPE used for fumigation services before using Aerosol fumigation agents.
  • Using Nyguard Flea And Tick Aerosol, we treat all carpets, drapes, furniture seams, and pet beds in the home. We focus on areas within the house that are most often of interest to the pets.

3) Cleanup Following Flea And Tick Treatment - After finishing the treatment, we clean up the area thoroughly and return for follow-up service as needed.

  • Vacuum all carpets and fabric surfaces thoroughly and ensure they are dry before contacting the skin.
  • Wipe down and wash all hard surfaces within the home as they may have been exposed to products used during service.

4) Follow Up – We set up ongoing maintenance for continued protection after treatment and cleanup.

  • Ongoing flea and tick treatments to keep your yard protected year-round.
  • Reapplication may be applied after 21 days following the initial service.

Whether you're experiencing a flea and tick problem, or want to address your flea and tick control needs proactively, give us a call today. Epoch Pest Solutions is your local source for quality flea and tick control and prevention services. Contact us today for more information about our home pest control and commercial pest control options.

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