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Pest Control In El Reno, OK

As the county seat of Canadian County, located in central Oklahoma, El Reno is a suburb of the larger Oklahoma City metro area. This area is home to windy thunderstorms and hot, dry temperatures, making it a place where pest populations can thrive and change depending on the season. To avoid pests invading your property, you need to take a proactive approach that snuffs out infestations before they can hunker down. With help from the pros, you’ll always stay a step ahead of invasive pests. 

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Residential Pest Control In El Reno

While simple home cleaning and maintenance can reduce your risk of a pest infestation, the ugly truth is that pests like clean and dirty homes alike. And you may not even be able to spot all of the access points or problematic factors that attract tiny pests into your home. Comprehensive residential pest control, administered by trained professionals, is the only guaranteed way to keep pests out.

At Epoch Pest Solutions, we offer treatments around all these areas of your property:

  • Home Perimeter: We treat your exterior walls, foundation, and eaves to ward pests away from the tiny access points that can form around wood and concrete. 
  • Yard Treatment: Your yard is the first area where pest problems tend to form, so yard protection is a must in order to prevent larger problems. 
  • Interior Solutions: If pests manage to get inside your home, we offer interior solutions that eliminate them and protect you against future invasions. 

Protect your El Reno home from pests by contacting Epoch Pest Solutions today. 

Commercial Pest Control In El Reno

For local businesses, pest prevention is a necessity. Commercial pest control protects you from severe property damage and the health impacts of an infestation, but it can also protect your reputation in a small town like El Reno. That’s why so many OKC area businesses turn to Epoch Pest Solutions for overall protection that’s worth the investment.

Here are some reasons why you should choose us over the competition: 

  • All Industries: We help many businesses, not just food service or hospitality properties. No matter what type of property you own or manage, we can provide specialized treatments that work. 
  • Customized Approach: We also tailor our service plans to your property and your actual needs. We don’t lump in services that you might not need or want. 
  • One-Time Or Recurring: Part of our custom approach is offering one-time or quarterly services, allowing you to address pests throughout the year or only when you need prompt removal and temporary protection. 

Don’t take your business’ pest protection lightly. Partner with Epoch Pest Solutions today. 

Do We Still Have To Keep An Eye Out For Ticks On Pets In El Reno?

Often, people assume that certain pests won’t be a problem during certain times of the year or because they don’t feel that their property is at high risk for an infestation. Especially with ticks, people tend to assume that they are only at risk when hiking out in the wilderness or when it’s warm in the summer.

The truth is that ticks can invade your yard just like other pests can, and while they are most active in warmer months, they can still wind up inside of your home at any time of the year. Like other tiny parasites, ticks cling to people, clothing, and other items to hitch a ride back inside our properties. No one is ever 100% protected against ticks, which is why you need to turn to the tick control experts for year-round protection and regular inspections. At Epoch Pest Solutions, we can keep your El Reno home or business safe from ticks, fleas, bed bugs, or other parasitic pests. Contact us today to get started. 

Everything An El Reno Homeowner Ever Wanted To Know About Fire Ants

While there are plenty of common ants that aren’t considered “dangerous,” here in Oklahoma, fire ants are not one of them. Fire ants are far more severe than your average house ant infestation. Fire ants form vast underground tunnels to support their colonies, meaning you can have a population out in your yard or immediately around your property and not even know it.

To understand how serious a fire ant problem can be, you need to understand these factors: 

  • Stings, Not Bites: Many people assume that it’s a fire ant’s bite that burns so badly, but it’s actually their venomous rear stingers that cause the severe pain that earn them their name of “fire” ant.

  • Colonies: Again, ants form colonies, with workers and soldiers going out to gather materials or defend the territory. Their queens stay hidden below ground, impossible to eliminate without professional means. 

  • Climate: Our climate makes it easy for fire ants to thrive all year long, thanks to our geography and mild temperatures. This means you need year-round protection against pests like fire ants. 

Get fire ant control that keeps you safe by turning to Epoch Pest Solutions today. 

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