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Cockroach Control In Oklahoma City, OK

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Comprehensive Cockroach Control For Your Oklahoma City Home

Cockroaches are one of the dirtiest pests that can invade your Oklahoma City home. Because of their very unsanitary living conditions, they carry all kinds of pathogens and bacteria everywhere they travel. These disgusting creatures are known to spread diseases like E. coli, dysentery, salmonella, and cholera.

Roaches are also extremely difficult to get rid of once they have taken up residence, and why Epoch Pest Solutions is your best bet for safe and effective cockroach control. Let us protect you and your family from the health risks that these insects pose.

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Why Can’t I Get Rid Of My Cockroaches?

There is a reason why cockroaches have been around for eons. They are incredibly adaptive and resilient. Here are a few reasons why a cockroach infestation can be so difficult to eradicate.

  • Their exoskeleton is very strong and flexible, making it hard to crush them.

  • They are becoming more and more resistant to many pesticides.

  • Cockroaches are typically nocturnal, so you will not see them very often. They are also very fast and can scurry away quickly when you turn on the lights.

  • A rapid reproduction rate allows for an infestation to get out of control quickly.

  • They are fantastic at playing hide and seek.

No, cockroaches may not live up to the myth that they can survive a nuclear apocalypse. But as you can see, they are hardy little pests. You can exert a lot of effort and money trying to eliminate them, to no avail.

Here Are Some Cockroach Prevention Tips.

You can take some measures around the house to help deter cockroaches. You’ll find that good housekeeping practices are one of the keys to cockroach prevention.

  • Moisture is a big attraction for cockroaches. Get rid of piles of rotting logs, leaves, and compost around your yard.
  • Check windows and doors for tight seals and your house for any cracks and crevices.
  • All open food packages should be tightly closed or placed in sealed containers.
  • Keep your kitchen as clean as possible. Quickly wipe up any spills or crumbs from your kitchen floors, countertops, and food pantries.
  • Make sure all trash can lids have a tight seal.

These are all helpful hints for cockroach control. But that doesn’t mean your home will be 100% cockroach free. Calling in pest professionals is still the best solution to your cockroach problems.

Our Cockroach Control Process

Our technicians at Epoch Pest Solutions are highly trained and experienced in cockroach control. We will protect you and your family from the dangers of cockroach infestations and have a stringent process to provide you with the best treatment and prevention plan.

We first speak with our customers to get a clear understanding of what they have seen and experienced. Thenwe thoroughly inspect your kitchen, bathrooms, laundry room, and any other likely places cockroaches will hide. We’ll look for any signs of past or present infestations.

After the inspection is complete, you must prep your home before any treatment begins. Prep work includes covering surfaces such as kitchen and bathroom countertops, fish tanks, and pet dishes, turning off gas pilot lights, and removing electrical outlets and switch covers. We will then ask that all occupants and pets exit the area for a minimum of four hours.

The treatment process entails spraying baseboards all around the house, under all appliances and sinks, and inside pantries. We will then place gel and powder baits in discreet places around the home. Finally, the fumigation process will flush out and kill any existing roaches. Once the process is complete, all exposed areas will be properly cleaned.

We take pride in the quality of our work and strive to satisfy our customers. Give Epoch Pest Solutions a call for more information on our home pest control and commercial pest control services in Oklahoma City. You won’t be disappointed.

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