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Pest Control In Choctaw, OK

A suburb of Oklahoma City and located in Oklahoma County, it doesn't get any more "Sooner State" than right here. We're a little bit Midwestern and a little bit southern, with a history of being a cultural melting pot. But all the people, action, and property in this area mean that Choctaw can be a hotspot for pest populations. It's crucial for local homeowners and businesses to take precautions to protect themselves from infestations and the problems they can cause. Residential and commercial Oklahoma County pest control can help protect your property from pest threats.

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Residential Pest Control In Choctaw

Pests inside your home or yard aren't just creepy, they can also be dangerous. From property damage to health risks, the side effects of a pest infestation can be far more costly than simply avoiding the invasion in the first place. Early home pest control can keep your home protected, and no one offers better protection in Choctaw than the experts at Epoch Pest Solutions.

We treat these areas of your property to ensure overall defense against all kinds of pests: 

  • Eaves Treatment: The spaces below your rooftops are nice, snug spaces for pests like spiders to spin their webs and establish a hunting or nesting ground on your property. 
  • Crack & Crevice Treatments: Small cracks or holes that open up around your exterior walls and foundation can be access points for all kinds of tiny pests to slip inside. We treat these access points to ward off bugs and other common invaders. 
  • Yard Treatments: Your yard is often the place where pest populations start before moving indoors. Protecting this part of your property is a crucial part of overall pest control. 

We always follow up after our initial treatment plan, helping you rest easy that you've got a comprehensive and ongoing approach to residential pest control. Contact Epoch Pest Solutions to get started today. 

Commercial Pest Control In Choctaw

The only thing worse than pests inside of a home is pests inside of a business. The more people visit and work at a property on a given day, the more pests will be drawn to that area. This is why commercial pest control is such a worthy thing to invest in for local business owners. Not only can the property damage and health impacts of an infestation hurt your bottom line, but the evidence of pests around your property can also damage your reputation.

That's why Epoch Pest Solutions partners with Choctaw businesses to keep pests out entirely and quickly eliminate invasions that might already exist.

Here are a few types of businesses we help: 

  • Restaurants: Properties where food is stored and served tend to attract the most problems where pests are concerned. 
  • Hotels: Hotels are susceptible to various pests, including cockroaches, ants, and bed bugs. 
  • Retail: Retail stores can harbor pests, particularly in storage areas.

Keep pests out of your Choctaw business the right way by turning to Epoch Pest Solutions today. 

What To Do About Spiders In Your Choctaw Home

Some pests demonstrate how infestations can be a cycle. Oftentimes, insect populations can attract new pests to your home, as they serve as a food source for other creatures. Spiders are one example of this. They don't invade your home to scavenge food from your floors. Instead, they are preying on the existing pest populations that have thrived on your property. Avoiding spiders is really about preventing all kinds of pests that start the cycle of invasion in the first place. This total pest protection comes from expert pest solutions that actually shield your home and yard from infestations to begin with.

If spiders are already a concern, the helpful experts at Epoch Pest Solutions can get rid of spiders and their pest prey. Contact us today to get started.

The Trick To Spotting A Bed Bug Problem In Your Choctaw Home

Not all pest problems are ones you can see. Some invaders are so tiny you can easily miss them with the naked eye, and most pest populations do a good job of hiding to avoid detection. In the case of bed bugs, both of these factors are true. They are so small that you likely won't notice them unless you know what to look for. Plus, bed bugs are nocturnal and therefore unlikely to spot during the day.

Bed bugs feed on us while we're sleeping, which is why they have an affinity for infesting mattresses and bed linens. However, they can actually be found all over a home, and the first signs of bed bug activity you tend to see are the nastiest ones: 

  • Bites: You will usually find the itchy marks that result from bed bug bites on your arms and legs, usually in clusters. 
  • Spots: You can also find reddish-brown spots on your bedsheets, which are bed bug fecal stains.
  • Eggs: They tend to be well-hidden, but you may also spot bed bug eggs around your home. They are small, rice-like kernels stashed in dark spaces. 

All of these signs are easy to miss, and it's better to spot signs of pest activity before they can grow and dig into their nesting grounds. That's why you should turn to Epoch Pest Solutions for bed bug control today. 

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