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What To Do If You Have Been Stung By A Bee In Idaho Falls

April 16, 2022


Let’s face it; bee stings are not pleasant. After the intense pain comes the redness, swelling, and itchiness. And for someone who’s allergic to bee stings, the consequences can be much more serious in nature.  

Here at Epoch Pest Solutions, we provide effective bee pest control near you. As a matter of fact, we offer residents the best pest control in Idaho Falls. And with bee swarming season on the horizon between mid-May and mid-July, it's in your best interest to learn more about controlling the bees on your property to prevent getting stung. Read on for information on how you can use pest control to get rid of bees quickly.

What Attracts Bees To You?

If you think that your sweet nature is what makes bees attracted to you, then you would be almost right. But it’s not your personality that draws them. Since bees primarily get their sustenance from the nectar of flowers, they instinctually seek out anything similarly sweet. Why do you think bees enjoy your picnic just as much as you do? Bees love sugar, so those sugary sodas and assortment of fruits will have them making a beeline towards you. Also, if you like wearing scented perfumes, body lotions, and hair products that are on the sweeter side of smells, you will most likely become a prime target for bees when outside.

What Can You Do To Protect Bees?

As much as no one wants to get stung by a bee, they are still very important to the planet’s ecosystem as they play a significant role in the pollination of crops and plants. Moreover, they are essential commercially for farming purposes. So, the goal is not to eradicate them, but to reduce their presence on your property as much as possible. The following are ways everyday citizens can help protect bees in Idaho Falls:

  • Support your local beekeepers and organizations.

  • Host a fundraiser, especially if you are a conservationist.

  • Join a global movement to help gather data and information that can be uploaded to specific sites.

  • Switch to bee-friendly fertilizers and herbicides for your lawn and garden care.

  • Educate yourself and your family about the importance of bees. 

A bee's mission is not to attack people, but to forage for flowers. However, if you are concerned about a hive on your property, then contact us at Epoch Pest Solutions for more information on how to control bees in your backyard. 

How To Treat A Bee Sting

It is always an unfortunate occurrence to be stung by a bee, especially if you don’t know exactly what the effects will be. So, if you do happen to get stung, follow the six simple steps below:

  1. Stay calm and get away from the area to avoid further attacks.

  2. Remove the stinger if it’s still in your skin. 

  3. Cleanse the area thoroughly with soap and water.

  4. Apply a cold pack to the area to reduce the swelling.

  5. Take an over-the-counter medication to alleviate the pain.

  6. Seek medical attention if you develop severe symptoms. 

Also, if a bee’s stinger is stuck in your skin, do not use tweezers to remove it, as the squeezing action will release more venom. Instead, simply take your finger or a piece of gauze and gently scrape over the area until it loosens enough to be gently taken off. 

Gentle Pest Control For Bee Removal In Idaho Falls

At Epoch Pest Solutions, we pride ourselves in knowing how to control bees in Idaho Falls and remove them safely for residents. Our experienced pest control technicians will ensure you and your family are protected from these stinging insects. Contact us today to request your free inspection. 

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