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What Every Idaho Falls Resident Should Know About Mosquito Bites

September 30, 2022

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Imagine enjoying the warmer seasons with no mosquitoes around to disturb your fun, outdoor festivities or cause painful, red, and itchy bite bumps. Unfortunately, you would have to endure the brutally cold temperatures of Iceland or Antarctica to live in a land without mosquitoes.

At Epoch Pest Solutions, we can help make your dream of pest-free living a reality with no relocation required. We consistently set the bar high when delivering the most effective mosquito control. We provide high-quality pest control in Idaho Falls that restores the comfort and tranquility of your outdoor living spaces. Continue reading to learn more about preventing mosquito bites and how to care for them if you do get bitten.

What Do Mosquito Bites Look Like?

The only thing most people know about a mosquito bite is how intensely itchy it is. But does anyone examine the puncture wound or see the difference between a mosquito bite versus another insect bite?

Mosquito bites are usually reddish-brown and can swell into a swollen bump that is tender to the touch. These bumps are typically hard and itchy and can darken to resemble a bruise. Some people may experience smaller-sized blisters that can appear anywhere from several minutes to a few days after being bitten. Contact your local pest control company to eradicate mosquitoes in Idaho Falls

How To Stop Mosquito Bites From Itching?

Nothing is more challenging to resist than trying not to scratch an incredibly itchy mosquito bite. But you can experience unfavorable consequences if you give in to the urge.

Fortunately, some items may already be in your kitchen or bathroom cabinets to remedy the itch, such as:

  • Crushed ice or frozen peas

  • Aloe vera gel

  • Baking soda

  • Witch hazel

  • Chamomile tea

You can also purchase over-the-counter (OTC) ointments from your local drug store and use them as directed. But please seek immediate medical attention if you experience severe symptoms, such as a swollen throat, difficulty breathing, or developing hives.

What To Put On Mosquito Bites

It's bad enough to be incessantly swatting and swiping at mosquitoes while trying to enjoy your outdoor activities. But what's even worse is experiencing the tender, swollen, and itchy bumps accompanying their bites. Try and resist the urge to scratch the affected area, as you will make matters worse and prolong the healing process. Instead, here are the steps to take to care for a mosquito bite properly:

  • Cleanse the site thoroughly with warm soap and water.

  • Pat the area and dry gently using a soft, clean cloth. Do not rub.

  • Apply an ice pack to the bite for approximately 30 minutes.

  • Use calamine lotion to relieve any itchiness.

You can also try a cold compress or an OTC hydrocortisone cream to soothe an intense burning sensation due to inflammation. If you are experiencing an increase in mosquitoes around your property, get in touch with your local pest control for further assistance.

How to Keep Mosquitoes Away From You And Your Family

Planting herbs in your garden to keep mosquitoes away may be helpful in the short term, but for a long-lasting solution to your pest problem, consider enlisting the services of a reputable exterminating company. Professionals not only use the best pesticide for mosquitoes, but they can customize treatment plans that suit your specific needs.

At Epoch Pest Solutions, we have staked our reputation on providing superior service in successfully eliminating all types of nuisance pests. With more than several decades of experience in the pest management industry, we thrive on helping people create a safe and comfortable environment to enjoy with friends and loved ones.

From residential living to commercial spaces, contact us today to schedule your free inspection.