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The Secret To Keeping Cockroaches Out Of Your Oklahoma City Home

April 02, 2022

german cockroach eating food in kitchen

What would your reaction be if you saw a cockroach? Might you scream in fear or move away in disgust? Both are sensible choices. If you haven't ever seen a cockroach in your Oklahoma City home, you should feel relieved as these are invasive pests. But, even if you've never had cockroaches, it doesn't mean you couldn't end up with an infestation. Cockroaches are one of the most widespread and complex pests, so it's always worthwhile to take the time to prevent them.

Get all the tips you need about Oklahoma City cockroach control in this guidebook from our team at Epoch Pest Solutions.

Species Of Cockroaches That Invade Oklahoma City Homes

While there are around 4,500 cockroach species worldwide, three commonly invade Oklahoma City properties. Here is what you need to know about each:

  1. German Cockroaches: Light brown with two black stripes behind their heads. They are only about half an inch long but are also the most common.

  2. American Cockroaches: This species reaches up to three inches long and is a reddish-brown color.

  3. Oriental Cockroaches: This jet-black species prefers humid areas and isn't as likely to get indoors as the other two.

All cockroaches have six legs, antennae, and wings that lie flat on their backs, and they all can pose health risks.

The Dangerous Diseases Roaches Are Known To Spread

You probably have some idea about issues with cockroaches. You may associate them with clutter and filth, which is likely because roaches thrive in dirty areas, which gives them access to many food sources. But, cockroaches aren't just a nuisance. They can carry and spread many illnesses, including salmonella, gastroenteritis, dysentery, and more. 

Cockroaches in Oklahoma City will get into your trash, pantry, kitchen, and bathroom and spread pathogens around. If they touch any food items, you should discard them immediately. 

Six Natural Yet Effective Cockroach Prevention Tips

Since cockroaches bring health risks to any home they invade, you can take steps to protect yourself now. The best way to deal with cockroaches is to prevent them before they become a huge problem. Follow these six simple, eco-friendly tips:

  1. Install or replace door sweeps and weather stripping to keep cockroaches from getting inside. 

  2. Clear up clutter around the house and in the yard.

  3. Reduce humidity issues by addressing leaky plumbing and using dehumidifiers. 

  4. Store food items in sealed plastic containers when possible. Make sure to store pet food inside, too. 

  5. Place secure lids on all garbage cans to keep cockroaches out. 

  6. Seek help from Oklahoma City pest control professionals.

Our experts at Epoch Pest Solutions offer ongoing home pest control for cockroaches. But, what should you do to decimate a roach infestation if you already have one?

Contact The Pros For Total Cockroach Control For Your Home

Cockroach prevention is essential, but these preventative steps won't eradicate roaches if you already have roaches. Once cockroaches are around your house, they are a real challenge to eliminate through DIY methods. 

At Epoch Pest Solutions, we also provide comprehensive cockroach removal services and prevention plans. We know that cockroaches pose health risks and realize how hard they are to eradicate; we make it easy on homeowners by handling the problem for you. Call us today to find out more about cockroach control or set up a service visit.

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