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The Most Effective Fire Ant Control For Your Oklahoma City Property

May 16, 2022

fire ants

No one likes getting fire ant bites. When you start to notice fire ants on your property, it is likely that you will want to do something about those ants as fast as you can. But before you go looking for DIY options for fire ant control, there are a few things you should know. Join us as we look at fire ant identification, how DIY fire ant control can fall short, and why it is more important than you might think to get control of fire ants on your property.   

What A Fire Ant Looks Like

Fire ants, also referred to as red imported fire ants (RIFA), are red ants with a darker-colored abdomen. The abdomen may be red to black in coloration. Workers of this species are polymorphic and range in size from 1/16 to ? of an inch in length. They create mounds that are usually found in open, sunny areas. Mounds that are undisturbed can get as tall as 18 inches.

Why DIY Fire Ant Control Is A Waste Of Time And Money

There are many ways to treat fire ant mounds. Unfortunately, these treatment methods often fall short. Here are a few reasons why:

  • A fire ant colony can be as far as ten feet below the ground. Colonies that are deep in the ground can be highly resistant to certain mound treatments.

  • Fire ants create surface tunnels that go out as far as ten feet from the central mound. These tunnels allow fire ants to escape treatments and also allow them to sneak up on you while you're applying a treatment.

  • Products that can be effective are often not effective because they are applied wrong. An example of this is to apply a granular insecticide and not apply enough liquid to properly release the active ingredient.

  • If you go looking for how to get rid of fire ants naturally, you'll get a lot of suggestions from the internet. Unfortunately, natural products and natural methods are almost entirely ineffective against fire ants. Avoid boiling water treatments, diatomaceous earth, boric acid, and similar suggestions.

When fire ant control fails, not only can it leave you at risk of bites, but it is also possible for budding to occur. Budding is when one colony splits into two or more colonies. Often, budding occurs in response to a threat.

All The Reasons Fire Ants Are More Problematic Than Other Ants

As you consider how to deal with fire ants in Oklahoma City, you should know that these ants aren't just a nuisance. A sting from a fire ant can be dangerous to certain individuals. While not commonplace, there are some who have an allergy to stinging insects, and it is important to note that a stinging insect allergy can develop over time. You may have been stung by a fire ant when you were younger and had no reaction, but that doesn't mean you're not allergic now. If you find a fire ant mound in your yard, you should have it addressed by a professional or, at the very least, have an allergist check to see if you or anyone in your family has this allergy. Don't take any chances.

Call The Pros At The First Sign Of Fire Ants On Your Property

For fire ant treatments in Oklahoma City, contact Epoch Pest Solutions. Our service team also provides industry-leading commercial pest control In Oklahoma City. The products we use are applied according to field-tested methods. We'll make sure your ant infestation has been corrected. Connect with us today to schedule service. We're standing by to help. 

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