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The Best Way To Get Rid Of Oklahoma City Spiders In Your Home

October 10, 2022

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If you have a fear of spiders, you’re not alone. Nearly 100 million people in the United States have arachnophobia, so you're in good company. But this factoid still doesn't put homeowners’ minds at ease when they see one of these eight-legged creatures with bulging eyes creepily bobbing around the inside of their home.

That’s why at Epoch Pest Solutions, we provide the most effective pest control in Oklahoma City to eliminate spiders so you can enjoy living comfortably again. Read on to learn more about arachnids in our area and the measures you can take to prevent them from making a pit stop at your place.

Types Of Spiders In Oklahoma City

Even though Oklahoma hosts around 34 different kinds of spiders, only six species commonly invade the homes and buildings of our residents. These include the wolf spider, the jumping spider, the orb weaver spider, the brown recluse spider, and the black widow spider. And although spiders don't intentionally target people, seeing them in your home can be very alarming. If their presence makes you feel uncomfortable and unsafe, contact professional pest control to eliminate them.

The Harm That Spiders Could Cause

Spiders enjoy their solitude. They prefer a nice, dark, quiet space to spin webs, lay eggs, and rest before searching for food. These creatures don't find humans particularly interesting, but there are instances where they will bite if they feel threatened. Fortunately, most spider bites are harmless but may cause swelling, redness, and pain. Their bites can become problematic if you're allergic to their venom or if a dangerous spider bites you, such as a black widow or brown recluse. A bite from either spider could result in severe symptoms that require immediate medical attention.

For assistance with getting rid of spiders in your home, reach out to your local pest elimination specialist to schedule a thorough property inspection.

Five Natural Spider Deterring Tips

Preventing spiders in your home doesn't have to feel like another full-time job. By taking simple steps and being proactive, you will quickly see a drastic reduction in the number of spider sightings around your home. The first step to deterring spiders is to understand what's attracting them to your home in the first place. Once you've acquired that awareness, you can do what's necessary to stop their uninvited intrusions. Review the list of five easy and practical tips to keep spiders at bay:

  1. Use a vacuum attachment to suction up any spider webs you see

  2. Clean and dust your home frequently

  3. Install screens to all exterior windows, doors, and vents

  4. Declutter debris from dark areas, like attics, crawl spaces, and basements

  5. Store uneaten food, including pet food, in sealed containers

Additionally, don't let your trash get too full before taking it out. Make sure trash can lids fit snugly, and trash bags have no holes or tears. If you enjoy the scent of peppermint oil, soak some cotton balls with the oil and strategically place them around your home where spiders are most active.

The Best Way To Keep Spiders Out Of Your Home

When you want to keep spiders out of your home consistently, look no further than partnering with a professional pest control company. Their knowledge and access to the latest resources and equipment to get the job done right are undeniable. Why hassle experimenting with do-it-yourself (DIY) and home remedies that will only give you mediocre results?

Since 2019, Epoch Pest Solutions has proudly serviced the residents of Oklahoma City with all of their pest needs. Our highly-trained and friendly technicians will put you at ease and develop a customized treatment program that will leave your home peacefully pest free. We offer free inspections and complimentary estimates, so contact us today to request yours!

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