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The Best Way To Get Rid Of German Cockroaches In Your Idaho Falls Home

June 30, 2022

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One thing about German cockroaches is that they’re prolific breeders. Every six weeks, female German cockroaches lay an egg capsule, which yields anywhere from 30-48 roach eggs. It’s no wonder why a minor roach problem can translate into a full-blown infestation in seemingly no time. 

When German cockroaches invade homes, they bring in filth and sickness-causing bacteria and pose a health and safety risk to those living in or frequenting your Idaho Falls home. To keep your loved ones safe, you’ll need help from Idaho Falls pest control.

Read on to learn about how to identify German cockroaches and why these roaches are considered so dangerous. We’ll also explain why you should enlist the help of cockroach pest control and how to prevent cockroaches in your home.

How To Identify A German Cockroach

German cockroaches are relatively small roaches, measuring a 1/2 inch to 5/8 inch long. They have flat, tan, or brown-colored bodies, and although they are winged, they can’t fly. 

German cockroaches have two long front antennae and two signature black markings that run parallel down their backs. These roaches are also fast runners and are known to scurry when they suspect danger.

Why German Cockroaches Are Considered So Dangerous

German cockroaches, like all cockroaches, are among the most dangerous pests, and that’s because of the bacteria they carry. The following risks are reasons why a cockroach exterminator is especially needed to manage suspected infestations:

  • Cockroaches carry a host of bacteria that’s harmful to people and pets. They pick up these bacteria from the foods they eat, such as rotting meat, roadkill, and decomposing foods in the trash. Some of the bacteria that cockroaches carry include salmonella, streptococcus, and viruses such as the polio virus.

  • Cockroaches contaminate foods and surfaces with this bacteria. When these pests make their way around your home, they transmit this bacteria into your home. 

Further, the presence of cockroaches alone can make people sick. People who are allergic to cockroaches may have exacerbated asthmatic reactions in the case of an infestation.

Why You Should Call The Pros About Cockroaches In Your House

Cockroaches are too dangerous for Idaho Falls homeowners to tackle on their own. You can be exposed to harmful bacteria and risk the exposure of your family members, not to mention the potential health effects.

With several years of experience, Epoch Pest Solutions provides full home pest control treatments for Idaho Falls homes and businesses. We'll make this cockroach infestation a thing of the past with our know-how, equipment, and expertise to remove cockroaches and keep them from returning.

How To Prevent Future Cockroach Infestations In Your Home

If you’re wondering how to deter cockroaches, the most effective way is cockroach prevention. Here are a few steps on how to keep German cockroaches away:

  1. Contact Your Local Pest Controller: Prevention efforts will merit limited success without skilled, certified professionals providing pest coverage. A critical first step in scheduling a pest control visit is identifying what pests are problematic, where they are entering from, and other factors contributing to the infestation.

  2. Check Your Foundation For Signs Of Damage: Pests often enter homes through damage to exterior-facing walls, window and door frames, and especially foundations. 

  3. Properly Discard Food: When discarding food, use only lidded trash cans stored away from your home. If cockroaches can’t access food, they won’t signal to others to join them. 

For help with roaches or other pests or for pest-related questions, call Epoch Pest Solutions today.

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