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Pest Spotlight: How To Get Rid Of Fleas On Your Idaho Falls Property

February 28, 2023

flea on persons arm

It only takes a few fleas to turn your dream home into a nightmare! Given how quickly these bugs reproduce, it doesn't take long for them to spread through every part of your home. 

But you can avoid endless hours of itching and irritation by calling us at the first sign of fleas. Read on to learn about these tiny pests, why pro flea control is the only practical solution to a flea infestation, and how the Epoch Pest Solutions team can give you the best pest control in Idaho Falls.

Fleas: Facts and Identification

We all know what fleas are, but how much do you know about them? Unfortunately, their small size (only a few millimeters at most) makes them challenging to see in most circumstances. But instead of reaching for a magnifying glass, you can use these facts about fleas in Idaho Falls to identify them:

  • Fleas have flat sides. If you look closely at what you think is a flea, look for this characteristic to differentiate it from similar pests.

  • Fleas feed on and expel blood. As a result, they will leave blood stains around where they feed and nest. 

  • Fleas feed several times in one setting, leaving lines or groups of bite marks as they do. As a result, flea bites on human skin will take on a reddish appearance. 

Once you suspect you're living with fleas, act fast and call Epoch Pest Solutions. Once our team investigates and assesses the severity of your flea infestation, we'll go straight to work putting it to an end. We quickly work so you can get back to living your life.

The Dangerous Diseases Fleas Are Known To Spread

Fleas are famous for being disease vectors. The illnesses they can inflict on humans include, but aren't limited to:

  • Cat scratch disease

  • Bubonic plague

  • Murine typhus 

  • Tularemia 

Additionally, some people have a flea allergy, resulting in a rash when bitten.

These afflictions mean you and your family can't live safely with fleas in your home. Our pest-free guarantee includes same-day services to end the threat as soon as possible to protect you.

Why Is It So Hard To Get Rid Of Fleas With Traditional DIY Methods?

If you've never dealt with fleas, you'll be shocked to learn just how resilient they are. Their rapidly growing population makes exterminating them all at once a necessity. Still, they're also known to develop immunities to different pesticides, making it difficult to know what product you can rely on. Additionally, most of the "flea killers" you find in stores are toxic and can cause lasting harm to pets and humans.

With these factors in mind, the best way to get rid of fleas is to leave the job to experienced professionals. With over 2,400 satisfied customers on our side, Epoch Pest Solutions is the best in Idaho Falls. With our years of experience and dedication to the latest, safest products, we're the most efficient pest control team in the area.

Call The Pros To Completely Eliminate The Fleas In Your Home

Don't let fleas drive you up a wall. Their numbers may seem endless, but with our dedication to comprehensive pest control, we'll help you break free from them and other pests. 

Our philosophy of customer service means going beyond simply getting the job done. We also believe we have an essential role in educating customers about home pest prevention and control, and when you hire us, we'll show you how you can put that information to good use and protect your home from pests in the future. So reach out to Epoch Pest Control today! We can't wait to work with you.

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