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a flea on pet hair

Sep 16, 2022

What To Do If You Find Fleas Inside Your Oklahoma City Home?

Are you trying to figure out why fleas have suddenly appeared in your home? If you’re unsure how fleas are accessing your home, it might be time to investi... Read More

up close image of a cockroach crawling on the floor

Sep 09, 2022

How To Safely Deter Cockroaches From Your Home In Oklahoma City

Have you ever wondered what health hazards a cockroach infestation might bring to your home? If you’re unsure, it might be time to do additional research. Read More

a bed bug infestation on a bed

Sep 02, 2022

Don’t Let The Bed Bugs In Oklahoma Spread To Other Areas

If you are finding bed bugs all over your house, you may want to learn more about them. Reach out to Epoch Pest Solutions for help! Read More

cat flea on skin

Aug 31, 2022

Everything Idaho Falls Residents Should Know About Flea Control

How much do you know about fleas as home pests? Learn why these tiny parasites can be a nuisance to Idaho Falls pets and people alike. Read More

orb weaver spider

Aug 24, 2022

Help! There Are Tons Of Spiders On My Idaho Falls Porch

Seeing icky spiders everywhere you turn on your porch? Keep reading to learn how you can control their spread. Read More

mosquito biting skin

Aug 17, 2022

Controlling The Mosquito Population Around Your Oklahoma City Home

Mosquitoes don't have to keep you up at night anymore or keep you from enjoying the great outdoors. Learn how you can avoid them. Read More

german cockroach control

Aug 10, 2022

Help! There Are So Many German Cockroaches In My Oklahoma City Home

German cockroaches do so much harm and can make you ill if you don't act on time. Keep reading to learn how you can get rid of them. Read More

bed bug crawling indoors

Aug 03, 2022

Bed Bugs In Oklahoma Can Be Tricky To Get Rid Of On Your Own

Losing control due to the bed bug infestation in your home? Read on to learn how to get them away from your home and life for good. Read More

mice infesting a home

Jul 30, 2022

The Secret To Getting Rid Of Mice In Your Oklahoma City Home

Do you suspect you have mice in your home? Discover the signs and dangers of mice infestation and what to do about it. Read More

a tick crawling on human skin and biting

Jul 24, 2022

A Handy Guide To Protect Your Home From Idaho Falls' Dangerous Ticks

Are you concerned you have ticks in your yard? Don't live in fear of ticks. Learn how to prevent ticks from living in your yard. Read More

a bed bug crawling on skin biting

Jul 17, 2022

Idaho Falls Homeowners' Complete Guide To Effective Bed Bug Control

Do you suspect you have bed bugs in your home? Learn what you need to do to eliminate them so you can sleep peacefully. Read More

black ants around a small puddle of water

Jul 10, 2022

Why You Should Call The Professionals About Ants In Your Oklahoma City Home

Do you have ants in your home? Learn about the potential problems ants may cause in your home and how to deal with them. Read More


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