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How To Tell If It's Gophers Or Moles Tearing Up Your Yard In Oklahoma City

May 09, 2022

gopher in a hole

You go out into your yard and gasp. Something has been creating holes and mounds of dirt! Do you have a gopher problem or do you have a mole problem? Today, we're going to look at some facts that will help you easily determine which of these two pests are damaging your lawn. We'll also look at how pest control In Oklahoma City can put a stop to that damage.

The Differences Between Gophers And Moles

There are many differences between these two pests but the most important difference is that gophers are mostly herbivores and moles are almost exclusively insectivores. If you're seeing damage to plants in your landscaping or garden, the pest you're dealing with is likely to be a gopher. If you have lots of lawn damage, it is likely you're dealing with moles.

It is essential to determine which pest you're dealing with because lawn mole control is not the same as gopher control. Mole and gopher control methods vary significantly.    

Gophers And Moles Create Similar Damage To Your Yard

Both gophers and moles are going to create piles of dirt in your yard. In this way, the damage they do is similar. But, when you get up close, there are several differences that can help you tell gopher damage from mole damage. Here are a few to consider:

  • As moles search for earthworms, grubs, and other bugs in the soil, they create raised tunnels. These raised tunnels can create an unsightly mess on your lawn because the grass on these raised tunnels will start to turn tan and may eventually die.
  • Gopher mounds are often shaped like a fan. Mole mounds look more like volcanoes. The reason for this has a lot to do with the angle at which moles and gophers ascend toward the surface of the ground. The angle a mole takes is much steeper.
  • Holes created by gophers can be close together. Mole mounds tend to be more than several feet apart.
  • Some gophers don't make mounds. These pests create lots of tiny holes that are close together.
  • Gophers love to eat plants. They'll get into landscaping and gardens and chop plants down at the base. They may even pull plants down under the ground to feed on them. 

Once you determine which of these two pests you're dealing with, it is likely that you'll have questions. The first question might be: "Why did this pest target my property?"

Factors That Attract Both Gophers And Moles To Your Yard

A healthy lawn is attractive to both of these pests. Moles eat earthworms by the truckloads. Gophers enjoy a worm now and then and will be attracted to turfgrass and other plants found on a well-maintained property. You don't have to do anything in particular to attract the attention of moles or gophers.

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Gophers Or Moles From Your Yard

In many cases, removing attractants can deter pests. Unfortunately, moles and gophers aren't easily deterred in this way. When they move into your yard, you're going to need mole pest control or gopher pest control to correct the problem. The best way to control moles and gophers is with a trapping program. A licensed pest management professional uses field-tested techniques, appropriate traps, and other control methods that are unique to each of these animals. If you have questions or you'd like to request service, reach out to us here at Epoch Pest Solutions. We can guide you toward the right options for your specific needs and budget. 

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