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How To Safely Deter Cockroaches From Your Home In Oklahoma City

September 09, 2022

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When people talk about Oklahoma City, your mind can’t help but think about the wild west; however, modern-day Oklahoma City is so much more. Oklahoma’s capital city is thriving and full of life; its delightful blend of old and new makes it the perfect place to purchase a home and settle down. Homeownership in the area often comes with another thriving community – a community of pests, particularly members of the cockroach family, which may necessitate Oklahoma City pest control services.

Cockroaches are one such pest. Like any pest, roaches are always on the lookout for food, water, and a safe place to stay. Unfortunately, your home fulfills all three requirements better than anywhere in the wild, making it a huge target for roaches to infest. In this blog, we’ll take a look at the roaches that call Oklahoma home as well as what you can do to stop them from getting inside.

What Types Of Cockroaches Invade Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City plays host to multiple varieties of cockroaches. When cockroaches invade your property, it is helpful to be able to identify them.

Five possible cockroach invaders in Oklahoma City include the following:

  1. American cockroaches – one of the larger varieties measuring anywhere from 1 1/4 to 2 1/8 inches long. It has a reddish-brown coloration with a yellowish figure-eight pattern on the back of its head.

  2. Brown-banded cockroaches – measure about one-half inch in length; it is typically brown with unique banding across their wings.

  3. German cockroaches – this house invader measures from 1/2 to 5/8 inches long. It is typically a light brown to tan color with two (almost) parallel stripes on its back (right behind its head).

  4. Oriental cockroaches – these roaches have bodies that measure about 1 inch long; the typical color is shiny black.

  5. Smoky brown cockroaches – this cockroach measures 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 inches long. Its color ranges from dark brown to black.

Knowing which cockroaches have invaded your space is the first step towards total removal. Upon identification, the next step is using a professional pest professional like Epoch Pest Solutions to eliminate roaches in Oklahoma City before they ultimately harm your health.

Are Cockroaches Harmful To Humans?

Just the name “cockroach” makes most people shudder; they are just plain gross! More than being disgusting, they contaminate surfaces and food, and they spread disease. Knowing that cockroaches can make people sick should make quick removal a top priority.

Diseases cockroaches spread include the following:

  • Gastroenteritis

  • Salmonellosis

  • Cholera

  • Listeriosis

  • Typhoid fever

  • Dysentery

  • E. Coli infection

  • Giardia

Cockroaches are undoubtedly filthy, and the surfaces they roam over can be contaminated by some nasty germs. Epoch Pest Solutions’ knowledge of cockroach behavior and habits enables us to remove these health hazards from your property.

The Most Effective Way To Get Rid Of Roaches

The most effective way to get rid of roaches in Oklahoma City is with help from Epoch Pest Solutions. Our company has been serving the Oklahoma City area since 2019. Cockroach infestations require immediate attention, and our technicians can be at your property within 24 hours of your call. With free inspections and pest-free guarantees, it makes sense to call in the professionals at Epoch Pest Solutions today.

Simple Cockroach Prevention Tips For Oklahoma City Properties

While professional help from Epoch Pest Solutions is the best way to ensure cockroaches are removed and stay away, property owners can contribute to prevention. By applying some simple preventative measures, property owners can aid the process of deterring cockroaches from entering their dwelling

Six easy steps for the prevention of cockroaches include:

  1. Quickly clean up spills and crumbs inside your property.

  2. Keep your home free from clutter.

  3. Repair any plumbing problems or moisture issues inside/outside your property.

  4. Use a silicone-based caulking product on cracks, crevices, and gaps (inside and out).

  5. Use a gravel barrier around your foundation.

  6. When using mulch, keep beds under 3 inches deep.

Because cockroaches have so many avenues to breach your property’s defenses, it is always good to have a professional pest control expert on hand. At Epoch Pest Solutions, property owners can rest easy: our knowledgeable technicians are always at the ready to address even the most severe cockroach infestation. Reach out today to get started and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Oklahoma City.

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