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How To Keep Your Home In Idaho Falls Flea-Free

November 10, 2022

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Fleas (Siphonaptera) are small and common parasites found throughout the U.S. that consume the blood of warm-blooded animals and may pose substantial health risks. A common misconception exists that only household pets struggle with fleas; however, they will also bite humans. Fleas may also enter a property on rodents and many other types of wild animals. 

The most common type is the cat flea (Ctenocephalides felis) which will create skin irritation and trigger adverse reactions among cats, dogs, and humans. These pests have a somewhat flat body style and appear reddish-brown. Fleas have six legs and two antennae and measure between 1/12 to 1/6 of an inch long, making them difficult to see clearly with the naked eye. 

Do fleas have wings? Fleas are wingless creatures, but they will use their powerful legs to leap long distances. They often remain with their host animal for the majority of their lives. 

Are you wondering how to get rid of fleas in your house? Flea infestations usually get progressively worse as these pests rapidly reproduce and become unmanageable; therefore, seeking professional assistance is strongly recommended. An experienced Idaho Falls pest control professional understands how to remove fleas from a home and how to prevent fleas from returning.

Why Does My Pet Keep Having Fleas?

Those with pets should expect ongoing challenges with fleas and must have pets on a comprehensive prevention plan for fleas and ticks as directed by a licensed veterinarian. Simply bathing your pet with flea shampoo represents only a short-term solution. 

Can My Pet With Fleas Start A Flea Infestation In My Home?

Yes. Fleas feeding from a pet will reproduce and potentially create problems throughout a home. 

What are some of the best ways how to treat flea bites? Flea bites often result in itchy, red, and irritated areas of skin. Humans often endure bites on the legs and ankles as well as in areas of the waist, groin, or armpits. Pets struggling with fleas usually exhibit obvious sights with persistent scratching. Flea saliva is associated with dermatitis among pets. 

In most cases, flea bites will disappear over several days. Using anesthetic cream or ice often provides some relief. 

How Quick Can Fleas Multiply In My House?

Fleas often live for several months, and females may generate nearly 2,000 offspring during their lives. Once indoors, fleas usually reside in areas where pets sleep, including beds or carpeting. 

What Can I Do To Protect Myself And My Pets From Fleas In My Home?

Prevention is critical because the problem generally gets significantly worse once fleas move indoors. Some of the best practices for preventing fleas include: 

  • Regularly brush, bathe, and groom all pets.

  • Vacuum floors, carpets, and upholstered furniture regularly to reduce the number of fleas and their eggs. 

  • Fill cracks and crevices on floors and baseboards that might contain fleas or eggs.

What to do if you have fleas in your house? Fleas are pests that pose significant challenges; therefore, consulting with a licensed flea control professional is the best course of action. 

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