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How To Effectively Remove Spiders Around Your Oklahoma City Home

March 05, 2023

wolf spider on a tree

You don't have to have arachnophobia to not want to share your living spaces with spiders. Fortunately, Epoch Pest Solutions provides the most effective pest control in Oklahoma City to wipe out different types of spiders to make your surroundings safe and comfortable again. Our team strives for excellence, ensuring that the job is handled right the first time around. Continue reading to learn more about these eight-legged creepy crawlies and how enlisting the services of pest specialists can keep them away from your residence.

Where Can Spiders Hide In My House? 

Three of the most common types of spiders in Oklahoma City include the black widow spider, the brown recluse spider, and the common house spider. Black widows and brown recluses are considered dangerous because their venom can cause serious health complications if not treated quickly. 

As adults, arachnids are mostly solitary and prefer to live in dark, quiet, and hidden areas undisturbed. These loners view your clutter as the ideal spot to take refuge. Check out some additional areas below where spiders like to lurk:

  • Eaves

  • Light fixtures

  • Sheds

  • Storage closets

  • Garages

If you want to lessen the chance of seeing spiders crawling around your property, dust and declutter frequently. Use your vacuum attachment to suction up any spider webs you come across. Look into sealing any visible breaches in the foundation of your home using a silicon-based caulk or other similar substance. By taking simple proactive measures, you'll drastically reduce unwanted spider sightings. If you require additional information, give Epoch Pest Solutions a call and we'll be happy to answer your questions or schedule an in-home evaluation.  

Spiders In The Home Can Be Problematic 

Like most critters, spiders come for the food and stick around for more food. But unlike the spilled beverage or scattered crumbs that attract other pests like a magnet, spiders like dining on those pests themselves. In fact, an arachnid's predatory nature makes them an ideal version of natural pest control as they devour the insects that most people already despise. 

There's just one problem. Most people don't like spiders, either. And if you're noticing more of them crawling around, you may have a secondary infestation on your hands. Therefore, consult with a reputable pest management company that can visit your place and quickly assess the situation.  

Factors That Attract Spiders Into Your Home 

When spiders creep inside your house, it's usually not by happenstance. Certain types of spiders are attracted to the moisture found in crawl spaces, basements, or other damp areas around your residence. However, there are spiders that enjoy a drier environment, so you could spot them hanging out in the upper corners of rooms, air vents, and attics. And as previously mentioned, spiders feast on a variety of insects in your home, so contact qualified pest professionals for further assistance. 

What's The Best Way To Get Rid Of Spiders In My Home? 

Looking for the best way to get rid of common house spiders in Oklahoma City? Before you experiment with trendy at-home remedies or popular do-it-yourself (DIY) strategies, keep in mind that these tactics rarely deliver the results they promise. In fact, they could even worsen your situation. That's why you can never go wrong by partnering with a professional pest elimination company. Experienced specialists have the training and background to eliminate different kinds of spiders quickly. 

Since 2019, Epoch Pest Solutions has been delivering the highest quality pest management services to keep our Oklahoma City residents' homes free of pest problems. Our expertly trained technicians understand the most effective ways to get rid of spiders so you can resume your comfortable standard of living. We continue to set the bar high when it comes to delivering optimal results. Get in touch with us today so we can start working on your complimentary estimate.

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