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Help! There Are Tons Of Spiders On My Idaho Falls Porch

August 24, 2022

orb weaver spider

Spiders are a common sight on Idaho Falls porches. They love the area since they can get countless bugs to eat there. The critters may not bite often and won't bother you if you don't bother them, but they're unsightly.

Some even have deadly venom, and their bites can cause swelling, redness, and allergies. Don't take any chances. Protect yourself and your family by calling Idaho Falls pest control if you spot these creepy crawlies on your property.

Why Do Spiders Make Webs On Porches?

The webs serve as a trap for prey. The freaky spiders wait patiently for an unsuspecting bug to fly or crawl into the sticky web. Once the victim is stuck, the spider quickly wraps it up in silk and enjoys a tasty meal.

Other lesser-known reasons they create the webs are:

  • Spider season (hatchlings)- webs provide a warm, safe and conducive environment for spider eggs to hatch and grow.

  • To escape predator

  • To build a home.

You should never clear the webs yourself, not only because it's messy but also because some types of spiders like orb weavers spin poisonous silk homes laced with dangerous neurotoxins. Professional spider control agencies are better equipped to handle the situation.

Are Spiders Attracted To Light?

Not all spiders- several species, though. Spiders that are pulled to light are active at night. These nocturnal freaks of nature are attracted to bright light. They use the light from the moon and stars to navigate at night, searching for prey since they have poor vision.

They may also be attracted to artificial lighting since their prey flock to these light sources. They'll usually make their webs around the light sources to trap their unsuspecting victims.

Exterior Prevention Tips For Spider Control

There are many ways you can protect your home from deadly spiders. Here are some of them:

  1. Seal any cracks or crevices.

  2. Kill harmless spiders directly to reduce their population- grab a shoe or fly swatter whenever you see the nightmare and squash it to death.

  3. Eliminate their food source- no bugs means no spiders.

  4. Buy or adopt a pet if you don't have one- dogs, reptiles, and cats can decrease the spider population by hunting and eating them.

  5. Use a natural spider spray for outdoors- create a DIY spider spray from peppermint oil for spiders, distilled water, and dish soap, place it in a glass spray bottle, and spray the areas spiders hide once a week. You can replace peppermint oil with citronella or tea tree oil.

Total Home Pest Control For Your Idaho Falls Home

Spiders aren't easy to get rid of and can resurface when you least expect it. That's why you should trust a qualified pest control company like Epoch Pest Solutions with the job.

We're Oklahoma-based, but we serve residents in Idaho Falls, ID, and the surrounding areas. We aim to help our clients quickly and effectively. Our quality products, years' worth of experience, and modern equipment make this possible.

Our technicians offer a free inspection and interact with you to understand your experience with the scary pests.

Once they identify the critters, they'll ask you to cover all surfaces and leave for several hours as they spray the affected areas with pet and family-friendly solutions. They clean up any messes caused during the extermination.

The final line of action is stopping by occasionally after the treatment to ensure the creepy crawlies stay away for good. Call us today and experience our expertise firsthand.

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