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Controlling The Mosquito Population Around Your Oklahoma City Home

August 17, 2022

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Mosquitoes are a common nuisance in the summer months in Oklahoma City, especially around ponds and other bodies of water. These pests can cause several health problems, including West Nile Virus and encephalitis.

What's more, their bites can cause infections when you scratch, and they multiply fast. It's normal to believe you can handle a mosquito infestation alone, but it requires a professional touch. Call Oklahoma City pest control if you notice the critters on your property.

What Are The Different Mosquitoes In Oklahoma City?

There are more than 50 types of mosquitoes in Oklahoma City, but some of the most common include:

  • The yellow fever mosquitoes

  • The Asian tiger mosquitoes

  • The inland floodwater mosquito

  • The common house mosquito

  • The Eastern saltmarsh mosquito

These pests can cause severe harm in seconds. Your best bet for wiping parasitic mosquitoes out is to involve a professional pest control company in the extermination process.

Lifecycle Of Mosquitoes Explained

Mosquitoes' lifecycle generally consists of the following stages:

1. Eggs: Mosquitoes usually lay their eggs in standing water, like ponds, lakes, and marshes. Depending on the species and environment, the eggs take anywhere from 1 to 10 days to hatch.

2. Larvae: After hatching, the larvae, or "wrigglers," go through four different stages. They feed on microorganisms in the water and grow rapidly during this time.

3. Pupae: The pupal stage lasts only a few days. During this time, the mosquito transforms into an adult.

4. Adults: Adult mosquitoes can live for up to several months, depending on the species and environmental conditions. They mate soon after emerging from the pupal stage.

Four Things You Can Do To Avoid Mosquitoes

The best way to keep the pests away is to ensure there are no mosquitoes on your property with proper prevention habits. Here are four things you can do:

1. Eliminate standing water: Empty any containers that can hold water, such as buckets, barrels, tires, toys, and plant saucers. Mosquitoes only require a tiny amount of water to breed, so make sure all areas are clear.

2. Use screens: Make sure your house is equipped with well-maintained screens on doors and windows to prevent ground mosquitoes from getting indoors.

3. Wear insect repellent: If you're spending time outside, use an effective insect repellent. It also helps to wear clothing mosquitoes can’t bite through.

4. Maintain your yard- cut back high grass and pick up leaves/sticks frequently. It’s a simple way to prevent mosquitoes in the yard.

Enough Is Enough...When Is It Time To Consider Professional Services?

As soon as you spot several of these pesky nightmares around your home, it's time to call the pros. They can be stubborn, so you should pick a reputable pest control company like Epoch Pest Solutions.

We're located in Oklahoma City, OK, and have been serving Oklahoma City residents and those in the neighboring areas for years. We believe the best way to eliminate pests is to attack the issue from the roots.

That's why our licensed and determined technicians begin treatment by inspecting your home for the critters, especially areas where they're more likely to thrive.

Afterward, they devise a customized control plan where they spray EPA-approved mosquito elimination products to specific areas of your home. You'll only need to leave your home for a few hours during this time.

Finally, they provide follow-up services to ensure the pests haven't returned. See what we have today for your OKC property.

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