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Bed Bugs In Oklahoma Can Be Tricky To Get Rid Of On Your Own

August 03, 2022

bed bug crawling indoors

If you feel you have bed bugs in your home, it's important to act fast. They may not spread diseases like ticks and mosquitoes, but their itchy bites may cause skin allergies.

The critters can be a source of depression, insomnia, and infection. They can quickly spread to other areas of your home. Female bed bugs lay as many as ten eggs per day. Your best bet of getting rid of them for good is to call pest control in Oklahoma City immediately if you spot even one of them.

A Brief History Of The Bed Bug Resurgence

Bed bugs were a nuisance in the US until World War II when they were wiped out through the use of pesticides like Malathion and DDT. The buggers reared their ugly heads once more in the '90s.

They were spotted in motels and hotels as well as residences. Their discreet tendencies allowed them to spread to apartments, nursing homes, and hospitals. Some of the reasons for their growing resurgence are:

  • Lack of public awareness

  • Increased human movement

  • Resistance to pesticides

  • Transformation in pest control solutions

Quality, local pest control for bed bugs can ensure your house doesn’t experience this resurgence.

Most Common Bed Bug Hiding Spots

While you can find bed bugs in any building, they prefer to reside in places where there are people. These are their top five favorite hiding spots:

1. Mattresses

2. Rugs and carpets

3. Couches and chairs

4. Electric appliances

5. Purses and bags

Don't try to control them on your own, as you may only make things worse. Let a professional bed bug control company handle them.

Three Signs Bed Bugs Leave Behind

Bed bugs leave a few signs that they're in your home. Here are some easily noticeable ones you should never overlook:

  • Streaks- the pests leave behind a line as they move around. They increase as their population grows, so you should work to keep your home clean as that’s the best natural pest control for bed bugs.

  • Bites- bedbug bites aren’t always red bumps. You may see a tiny swelling in the affected area.

  • Eggs- the critters' eggs are tiny and white. A reliable bed bug control company near you can identify and destroy these eggs.

You may not always identify these bed bug signs easily, and that's what helps the critters go unnoticed in your home. Involving experts in the extermination matter can save you plenty of agony. Professional bed bug pest control in Oklahoma will deliver maximum results.

Why You Should Skip DIY And Order Professional Bed Bug Control

DIY extermination is not always effective. You may increase the infestation, especially if you don't know how to use extermination products or don't know how to control the bugs. Professional bed bug pest control near you like Epoch Pest Solutions can end the attack once and for all.

We're Oklahoma-based and have over ten years of experience getting rid of stubborn pests like bed bugs. We serve Oklahoma residents and those in the neighboring areas.

Our treatment strategy is simple:

  • We inspect your home to identify where the critters are hiding.

  • We create a customized treatment plan and use our powerful EPA-approved control solutions to kill the suckers. Our thorough technicians reach every nook and cranny bugs may shelter in.

  • Our technicians follow up with you after the treatment to ensure the bugs are gone completely.

See what we have today and give us a call to start your journey towards a home free of bed bugs. 

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