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Are You Struggling With Ants In Your Home And Yard In Idaho Falls?

October 25, 2022

pavement ants on driveway

Ants know nothing about individuality. Everything they do is for the colony, with the colony. So, it's rare ever to see just one ant all alone. If you do, rest assured there are plenty more where that one came from, especially if your home has plenty of food and water to keep their bellies full.

Fortunately, at Epoch Pest Solutions, we provide the most advanced pest control in Idaho Falls to wipe out an ant infestation so you can reclaim your indoor and outdoor living spaces as yours once again. Our expertly-trained technicians come well-equipped with the knowledge and tools to rid your property of ants in the shortest time possible.

Types Of Ants You Could Encounter In Idaho Falls

Even though there are about 1,000 ant species across the United States, three invade homes in Idaho Falls the most. They are harvester ants, pavement ants, and odorous ants. Out of the three, harvester ants can deliver a painful sting if threatened, particularly the red harvester ant. Though pavement and odorous ants aren't dangerous to humans, odorous ants can contaminate your food sources.  

Therefore, hiring experienced pest management specialists who offer professional ant control solutions is best if you notice any insect activity.

Why Ants Tend To Enter Homes

Ants in Idaho Falls are always on the hunt to fulfill their basic needs: food and water, and unfortunately, your residence provides all three in high supply. What may seem like the teeniest crumb can attract hordes of hungry ants to your place. Even though ants are the most common insect people see, it's still disturbing to find a ball of ants outside in your yard or a line of them crawling across your kitchen floor. So, the best way to prevent ants from entering your house is to deprive them of what they seek the most. Wipe down tables and countertops after eating, throw away garbage in secured trash bins with a tight lid, and dry up water droplets or any excess moisture.

Getting Rid Of Ants In Your Yard And Home

You've seen them before. Those loose mounds of dirt in your backyard seem to pop up more and more. Some quick solutions that can help reduce ant activity are simple to do. Take a look at these five ways to rid your property of ants:

  1. Soapy water: Disrupts their cell membranes and breaks down the protective wax coating they need to live. 

  2. Diatomaceous earth: Pierces their exoskeletons, which destroy them by dehydration.

  3. Boric acid: Disrupts their digestive systems, which is lethal when ingested.

  4. Baking soda: Clogs their spiracles (pores), causing them to suffocate.

  5. Boiling water: Destroys the nest and any ants that come into contact with it.

Although these methods may reduce ant populations temporarily, your local pest elimination company offers the most effective ant control with long-lasting results, so contact them to schedule a property inspection. 

Total Ant Control For Idaho Falls Residents with Epoch Pest

Proper ant control in Idaho Falls starts with enlisting the assistance of professionals who thoroughly understand pests and how to eliminate them from your property for good. Relying on do-it-yourself (D.I.Y.) methods and home remedies are great for resolving minor household matters, but only the pros will do for pest infestations. 

At Epoch Pest Solutions, we’ve been providing exceptional pest control services to our customers since 2019. Our quality and transparency assure residents that we will address their pest control needs at the highest level. Contact us today for the most effective ant control for your house and request a complimentary estimate. We also provide free inspections!

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