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A Guide To Effective House Spider Removal In Idaho Falls

February 05, 2023

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There are all kinds of spiders in the Idaho Falls area, but one of the most frequently seen spiders is the common house spider. House spiders are some of the peskiest nuisance pests that plague Idaho Falls residents. Although most spiders are not dangerous, they are still considered pests that many people need help getting rid of. For effective pest control in Idaho Falls, give our team a call at Epoch Pest Solutions. We'll handle all of your spider-related needs!

Habits And Behaviors Of Common Spiders

Common house spiders are neither aggressive nor dangerous, as they are non-venomous spiders that do not pose a threat to humans. They are also very likely to run away in the case that they are confronted. You will usually find these pests in quiet and mostly undisturbed areas of your home or yard. Common spiders are known for creating cobwebs with strands of silk, which they use to trap and consume insects (such as flies and mosquitoes). These interesting spiders pay attention to the success of their web. If their web is unsuccessful in capturing insects, most house spiders will abandon the web and build a new web in a different area. 

Why Spiders Invade Homes

You may be wondering why spiders invade homes, out of all the places in Idaho Falls where they could choose to live and create webs. One reason spiders invade homes is to escape the harsh cold of wintertime. Another reason that spiders may invade your home is due to a food supply attracting spiders. If you have insects such as termites, mosquitoes, flies, or other bugs in your home, then it's likely that spiders will want to build webs in your home in order to eat. Removing other insects from your home should greatly reduce the chance of spiders being attracted to your home. 

Factors That Attract Spiders Into Your House

Do you want more information as to why spiders invade homes? Here is a short list of different factors that are likely to attract spiders to your house:

  • The presence of other pests and insects

  • Cluttered areas

  • Dark, isolated, and mostly undisturbed areas

  • Warmth, especially if the weather outside is cold

  • Lack of dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, and cleaning

  • Outdoor lights that attract spiders and other bugs to your home 

  • Brush and debris, especially brush that's been overgrown or debris that is up against the foundation of your home

These are just a few common factors that attract spiders into your home. Removing these factors is a simple way to get rid of spiders naturally, because most spiders are unlikely to stay for long without at least a combination of these factors.

The Safest Way To Get Rid Of House Spiders

The safest way to get rid of house spiders is to call our team at Epoch Pest Solutions if you need pest control that you can truly rely on. Here at Epoch Pest Solutions, we're not satisfied with our work until you are! We will work hard to ensure that your home is completely spider-free, and we'll make sure those spiders won't be back to bother your either. 

With our team, there will never be any questions regarding what we offer to our loyal customers. We are committed to providing quality service, complete transparency, and a professional team of reliable service technicians to all of our customers and the rest of our community. We'll also be at your home within 24 hours of you placing a phone call!

If you want a safe and effective way to get rid of house spiders for good, give us a call today. Ask about a free estimate or inspection.

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