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Reliable Pest Control In Blackfoot, ID

The city of Blackfoot is located in the southeastern corridor of Idaho and is regarded as the “Potato Capital of the World.” It’s no surprise then, that Blackfoot is also home to the Idaho Potato Museum and countless farmland and related industries. Blackfoot also offers residents a diverse collection of restaurants, excellent public schools, both densely-packed and sprawling neighborhoods, as well as access to outdoor recreation. Given the seasonal nature of local conditions, pest problems can creep up at any time, and when they do, there’s no one better qualified to treat your concerns than Epoch Pest Solutions.

Thousands of customers turn to our reliable Bingham County pest control because we listen to their concerns and we tend to them as if they were our own. We provide complimentary estimates and inspections without any obligations, and because we believe in transparency, we will always be honest and upfront about our pricing. To learn more about our pest control programs and how we can design one for your property, please contact us today. 

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Residential Pest Control In Blackfoot

At Epoch Pest Solutions, we care about our Blackfoot community, which is why we provide high-quality residential pest control services with the utmost discretion. We serve our local community with great pride, so everything we do is built around integrity, transparency, and fairness. Our treatment process is designed around the Integrated Pest Management approach, which means that all of the products we use are low-impact and are safe for people, pets, and the environment. It also ensures that we create lasting pest-free results that make home a safe place again. The first two steps of our process address cracks, crevices, and eaves with de-webbing and eco-friendly dusting. Next, we perform a perimeter spray, apply a yard treatment, and lastly, an interior solution. We’ll return to ensure that all treated pests have been eliminated and you can also set up a maintenance program for continued support as well.

To schedule your free, no-obligation property inspection, please contact us today.

Commercial Pest Control In Blackfoot

The process of keeping pests out of your Blackfoot business can be a tiring one, and one that you don’t have the time to worry about. At Epoch Pest Solutions, we make receiving effective pest control a straightforward and honest process. All of our technicians are exceptionally qualified and are capable of rectifying a host of common pest problems that span from termites to mosquitoes.

We always begin our service with a detailed inspection of both the inside and outside of your property, which allows us to understand your concerns and assess the level of pest activity that you’re dealing with. By following Integrated Pest Management guidelines, we’re able to customize a plan to your exact needs and industry regulations. This protocol limits the use of pesticides, all of which are eco-friendly, and favors structural and habit changes in order to eliminate pests and keep them from becoming an issue in the future. To learn more about our commercial pest control process, contact us today.

Are Sow Bugs Dangerous To Have Around My Blackfoot Property?

The sow bug is a pest that looks unlike any other and they are prevalent in the Blackfoot area. These pests have an exterior that almost resembles a coat of armor, with its pronounced ridges and metallic coloring. Sow bugs are typically attracted to organic matter like plants, grass, and other areas of landscaping, so it’s not uncommon to find them around gardens or your yard. Sow bugs are not known to bite or sting, so they are not regarded as dangerous pests for humans. They will, however, eat through your plants and can develop into a nuisance over time.

At Epoch Pest Solutions, we work with property owners to provide elimination tactics that yield relief from sow bugs. Our exterior services are extensive and proven effective in creating a barrier from outdoor pests like sow bugs. We will also provide interior treatments and entry point filling in order to keep these pests from entering your property.

To learn more about sow bugs and sow bug protection, contact us today.

Why It's Not Too Late In Blackfoot For Professional Mosquito Defense

Mosquito season in Blackfoot is long and brutal, which is why it’s never too late for professional guidance. These pests begin to appear in the spring when temperatures are on the rise and their presence can continue well into the fall months. While topical treatments and other do-it-yourself methods are readily available, they are no match for tenacious mosquitoes. Things as simple as the presence of people or moisture are enough to increase mosquito activity. But with professional help at any point in the season, mosquitoes can be kept away and eliminated by the implementation of a barrier.

At Epoch Pest Solutions, we provide homeowners and businesses with premier mosquito control that significantly reduces populations throughout the season. We perform sprays of entire yards that include everywhere from landscaping to areas that are prone to moisture accumulation. The product that we use is safe for pets and people, while also yielding maximum results. For more information on these services, call us today.

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