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Bed Bug Control In Idaho Falls, ID

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Why Invest In Bed Bug Control With Epoch Pest Solutions?

Property owners in Idaho Falls, ID need to get ahead of the problem before it gets out of control when it comes to bed bug infestation. The sooner you address your bed bug control needs, the more effectively you can minimize the scope of the infestation. Your best bet is enlisting help from a team of pest professionals.

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Bed Bug Treatments For Homes And Businesses

If you want guaranteed bed bug control for your home or business, Epoch Pest Solutions is here to help. We offer dependable detection and extermination services that completely rid your property of bed bug activity. The process includes the following:

Inspection - Using a flashlight, our team identifies all signs of bed bug activity in and around the furniture in question. We look for signs of bed bug activity such as:

  • Blotches of black fecal matter between seams and under lips of material stitching.

  • Seeing live bed bugs on, around, or inside furniture.

Prep Work - Before we begin treating your property for bed bugs, there are a number of things that need to happen to get the space ready for service, allowing us to achieve optimum results. Here are the necessary steps to properly prep for a bed bug treatment:

  • Gather all bedding, clothing, and other cloth materials within the treatment area.

  • Collect stored fabrics, wash everything with hot water, and dry on high heat.

  • After washing all fabrics, place them into trash bags and seal them securely.

  • Empty your closets in rooms where bed bugs are suspected.

  • Remove all outlet covers and unplug all devices within the treatment area so the technician can access these spaces.

  • Vacuum your carpets and the corners and crevices of the treatment area.

  • Move everything away from the walls inside the treatment area.

  • Remove items from any wood furniture, like tables, within the treatment area as wood furniture is more likely to be an area of interest to bed bugs.

  • Make sure to remove all pets from the home, cover all fish tanks, and turn off the pumps.

Treatment Procedure - When it comes to the treatment itself, customers and pets must be absent from the home for at least four hours following the bed bug treatment or until all products have dried. (Remember to wait until the furniture is dry before sitting or lying down on it.)

  • We begin by dusting all outlets and cracks and crevices within the treatment area using Delta Dust.

  • Using a B&G can, we treat with Crossfire Bed Bug Concentrate and Nyguard IGR, spraying the perimeter of the treatment areas.

  • We treat the undersides of beds, box springs, and any other furniture, including wooden shelves, dressers, and cabinets.

  • Our technicians must wear PPE used for fumigation services before using Aerosol fumigation agents.

  • Using Bedlam Bed Bug Aerosol, we spray down the mattresses and couches we are treating.

  • We focus on the seams of fabrics and other areas where bed bugs may be living inside the furniture.

Cleanup Following Bed Bug Treatment - We make it a priority to clean up after ourselves, never leaving products, equipment, or messes behind.

  • Once we fumigate the property, we make sure to collect all products and equipment used for the service.

  • Our team will thoroughly clean all hard surfaces within the treatment area.

  • We vacuum all furniture where dead insects may be, such as seams and stitch-lines in fabrics.

After treatment is complete, we make sure we’ve met your expectations, and you’re completely satisfied. We return for a follow-up service two weeks after the treatment to ensure the property is free of bed bugs. Call Epoch Pest Solutions today for more information on our home pest control and commercial pest control services; we’re here to help you.

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